Update and Current Vid List [19th April 2014]

Hello There Internet,

I feel like there should be an update on my goings on as of today.

In recent news, the Editing PC has now been fixed and videos should start going up on YouTube fairly soon depending on how quickly they get made. This week is a fairly busy week. It is Easter after all but that’s only tomorrow.  On Friday I will be attending the “UK Blog Awards” as part of the “Torch Entertainment Guide“‘s contingent (with co-creators/owners Kennie and Chris) which as been shortlisted for the ‘PR, Marketing, Media & Communication‘ award as an organization. Might lead to a win and more work. Here’s hoping for both.

Anyway, on the video front there is some movement as I can now record and edit footage. As set series go here is what is going so far.

For the “Wil of the Torch” YouTube channel:

  • Week in Gaming News” makes a return. I want to improve the visuals but that can take time so not setting anything as yet.
  • Other stuff is planned, like group lets plays and MMO stuff but that’s in the air at the moment so going to see how that turns out first before setting anything.

For my personal “Guy off the Internet” channel:

  • Web Game Review” will make a daily, 7 day week return. I’m making better graphics for this too but (again) may take time so no date setting. I decided to keep in on my channel rather than move give it to the Torch. Not keeping all my journalistic eggs in one basket.
  • Building Nerdfighteria” will be a new series replacing “Nerdcrafteria Builds” and the other Nerdfighteria stuff. It will be a weekly (maybe more) Minecraft series building a Minecraft representation Nerdfighteria. Talking about general going’s on. May lean towards the topics of the “Vlogbrothers” talk about, more so I can rant or give my opinion on stuff.
  • Open Letter” will be something different. It’s not gameplay. It’s in lieu of The Brother’s Green “Crash Course” (Part of the Nerdfighteria community) ‘Open Letter’ segment and this from the TV series “Black Books”; There is hope that I will be funny but things like that a relative so it’s a try and see what happens sort of thing. Should be one a week but it may be longer depending how quickly I can make them. One a week at most, one a month at least.
  • I might do “Let’s Plays” and restart the “Pixelmon” Minecraft series but I’m not set on the ideas as yet so maybe.

I am also geared up for streaming. Not set on the idea yet but maybe. I might do a few test runs and see how it goes.

That’s really it for now. As I said I am planing more but it’s early days so getting back into the swing of things before going head on. As livelihoods go its pretty sketchy but here’s hopping that I can make a name of myself and get more work with other ‘Tubers, MCN’s, and stuff.

Oh yeah, writing is still slow. Defiantly no books till next year and that’s being optimistic. Depending how stuff goes they may end up on the back-burner. Still like the idea of me as a writer. Just not a a sole one.

Talk Later!



Recent Events With Me And YouTube

With my work for the Torch wrapped up for the year I have found myself having much more free time. So what have I been doing I hear you ask disinterestedly. Well;

I have updated my RedBubble store. A few more images have gone up so take a look at those.

I have decided that CafePress.com will be my provider of t-shirts and other general merch’ so check that out. It won’t just be merch’. It will be proper designs for t-shirts and stuff.

I have taken another break from YouTube, mainly because only bad things where happening, and I must of chosen a good time. The “Copyright” flagger has been tweaked so to screw most people over. Especially by game publishers. A reason why I took the break was because I’m getting a recorder over Christmas so I can record to a higher quality and record more. But because of the changes in the flagger, some of the plans are not just tweaked but abandoned. Thanks YouTube, you money-grubbing shit! Oh, and some publishers. Your also money-grubbing shits.  So plans for more content in January on the channel. On the cards are; PlayStation 2/1 games, [maybe PS3. Depending on the flagger.] Minecraft [obviously] and maybe some other PC games. In more news, I can officially say that plans for a second channel on behalf of the guys at Torch Guide are in the works. Not finalized, but I want it to happen so maybe.

And to fill in all the other time, I have watched stuff on the internet. Well YouTube. Really is a love hate relationship. I watch stuff on there all the time but that are bastards. In between the usual GameGrumps/Chilled/Nanners/Diction/Gassy/Others by association I usually watch, I have been watching American television. Totally legal I say with a fake lawyer present! Here in the UK I don’t get much American television. well… I do but it’s all crap. I would watch The Daily Show religiously but since Comedy Central Extra got rid of the repeat at 6:30/7ish the day after I have seen it a total of 0 times. On that, why did you cut M.A.S.H. too! It was me and my dad watching M.A.S.H. then the Daily Show over dinner every day. Its was bonding/talking time. Plus I can’t get control of the TV at 11:30ish at night! Dad’s watching his ITV4 movie re-run or war program.

Anyway, I have watched a lot of  Bill Maher and Craig Ferguson. Well, stuff by Maher (films, docs, stand up, and bits of Real Time) and The Late Late Show. First, both please get UK syndication! Maher will land on his feet I would think (we’re less religious here but more traditional so liberal-ish) and Craig was a Scot. Was being the operative term. He is now a proud American having passed his test. And good for him. Id leave too.

If they have some syndication here please mention it because it try to catch like I try to watch Jon.  If not, then put them on YouTube and I’ll watch them there.

Update: 29 Sept’ 2013

Hello there,

I haven’t updated in a while. No, I have not been in Germany all this time. In the time I have;

1) Been to Paris taking pictures. (Some will go on RedBubble soon)
2) Got back in to video making on the YouTube. Here’s the latest;

3) Writing for Torch Guide again. (By using the YouTube),

So I am here making stuff and my hiatus from YouTube is over.


Moving Up in the World…

Hello Internet!

Thought this is probably a good time for an update.

Firstly, Torch Guide has made me a banner! Check it out:

It’s badass! Feel like I’m moving up in the world.

I still have my RedBubble! It’s only selling my prints because…

I now have a SpreadShirt shop! Sell T’s, phone stuff, a woman’s pregnancy belly band [don’t know why either]

Now, my YubeTube… I haven’t been on it for a while, not because I’m leaving or not doing anything, but because frankly a crisis of passion. Doing stuff on there is fun. I have earned a total of $0.02 [so 1p in English] and as a guy with no job as of, I have to consider a wider range of stuff. I said I’m not leaving! Just am re-assessing what goes up. “Nerdcrafteria Builds” will be back. I will also be doing more Minecraft videos, like survival and adventure videos. I have always planned on doing more ‘proper’ videos too. Just at the moment, I just don’t know how many people will watch it or my videos in general. And that, sadly, what I have to consider right now.

So that’s an update for now. If there is something I missed, I’ll add another post later.

Talk later! Wil.


E3 2013!

Well E3 is here again and I am still in cold and somewhat damp London rather than the hot and damp with sweat LA. So that means I’m covering E3 from my PC with steams and f-ed up time-zones. I will;

1) Do vid-casts of the each days events.

2) They will be posted up on Torch [and YbbTuub obviously]

3) Try to make them a quickly as possible.

4) Nerdcrafteia may be delayed, depending on how quickly I can make this stuff.

Anyway, TO E3!… streams. It’s just not as glamorous is it…


“For The Ragicans!” Map Added

Hello Internet People,

This is more of a message of intent rather than an update.

The update is that a map I made for a YouTube show is now online and you can download it. Link in the Minecraft section. And no you can’t see the show. Well you can, just as of writing my map didn’t make it in so don’t go looking for me there just yet.

With that, a new map is in the works at  the moment with many plans for more. Right now I’m working on a map called “City Scape” with plans to make a map of the YouTube Minecrafters. So Sky, Rage, Toby and people. Also have some plans to make maps in the style of Bioshock [1 & 3] so and underwater and a flying city.

And I am still writing for Torch. Although I am thinking about making the Sunday news into videos. Big maybe. See how it goes.

So busy busy with the Minecraft and maybe making videos soon here too. Same can be said about DDGM too.

See you later,