I Am Here (Update: 16th Sept, 2014)

I have not posted anything here in literally months. April I think was my last post.

With everything getting moved about a bit and with a moment were I don’t know what to do, here is whats been going on.

That was about a week ago now but not that much happens to it’s still pretty right.


As for my videos;

I’ve finally got round to making an opener for “Open Letter” so that series should start soon. Don’t know how often it will be though.

I want to start-up both Nerdcrafteria/Nerdfighteria series’ again but I need to re-do some intros before I consider it. Haven’t been on the server much recently.

My rant-y series “Opinionated” should take a few more steps soon, one I get round to doing it.

All other writings are stopped till I can sort out a schedule for everything else.

As for the Torch: Entertinament Guide;

There wasn’t a “Retro Monday” this week. Mainly because I forgot more than anything. I’m still doing it.

I’ve applied for an MCM London Press Pass. If I get it, would be my first ever press pass and the write-ups I make from it should open up more press passes in the future.

I’ve finally finished the “Blackbay” review, several weeks late. I think it shows how much of an imprint it left on me. If your interested, I gave it 2/5. Gory for the sake of it with insane design but has decent puzzles and some bum clenching moments. Not sure when it’ll go up, if it isn’t already.

Web Game Reviews” videos back next week. I’ve just called it a series break so I can tweak stuff. “Week in Game News” still went/goes up as normal.

I’ve made the first part of a 2-parter called “A Retro Gamers Buyers Guide“. Not sure when it will go up.

Things are a bit in the air as the Torch is concerned as Kennie and Chris just moved to I haven’t had much talking with them recently.

That should be everything. If I’ve missed something then go to comments and ask.


No “Pixelmon Adventures” Today!

There will not be a “Pixelmon Adventures” (Episode 6Well Brock Was Easy…“) because episode 6 is… f***ed.

Well, broken.

Well, missing.

Well, half-missing.

Audacity messed up and the commentary, if you want to call it that, (if not call it the me-boringly-talking-bit) didn’t save and so there is only Minecraft. Like always.


Unless you want to watch ten minutes and me finishing Brock in 2 moves and filling 6/7/8 minutes with ‘what the hell do I do now?‘ then say and I’ll stick it up with no comms. Otherwise, I’ll stick something together at some point and put that up.

Anyway, no Pixelmon episode today. Blame Audacity. Will be back as normal tomorrow.


My XO Minecraft Map

For those who didn’t notice, I have made a new Minecraft map. It gives you the ability to play X’s and O’s in Minecraft. Not just the normal kind but in 3D as well.

Here is the map.

It comes with a resource pack but its only for changing the sand/gravel blocks into O/X blocks so you can play properly. I also changed a few of the mob faces so you would be reminded to switch to the default pack after.

Hope you like it. Go to the comments to say what you want about it.

New Video! And Being Back To YouTube.

Hello internet,

I am on YouTube! Well, I’ve been on YouTube since 2006 (well one video survived since 2006). It’s a video about the builds on a server called “Nerdcrafteria”.

Here is the video:

It’s odd being back on YouTube. I haven’t made a video directly for YouTube since 2007-ish. The plan is to get enough content up to start getting paid from them. It’s also been a trial to see if all the stuff I have works or how well my writing/comedy goes down. Not enough people have seen it to really judge so spread the word around about the video if you like it. It is going to a series so every Tuesday there will be a video about the builds in “Nerdcrafteria”.

“For The Ragicans!” Map Added

Hello Internet People,

This is more of a message of intent rather than an update.

The update is that a map I made for a YouTube show is now online and you can download it. Link in the Minecraft section. And no you can’t see the show. Well you can, just as of writing my map didn’t make it in so don’t go looking for me there just yet.

With that, a new map is in the works at  the moment with many plans for more. Right now I’m working on a map called “City Scape” with plans to make a map of the YouTube Minecrafters. So Sky, Rage, Toby and people. Also have some plans to make maps in the style of Bioshock [1 & 3] so and underwater and a flying city.

And I am still writing for Torch. Although I am thinking about making the Sunday news into videos. Big maybe. See how it goes.

So busy busy with the Minecraft and maybe making videos soon here too. Same can be said about DDGM too.

See you later,