Atari 2600 “E.T.” Landfill Update

You may have noticed for previous posts, and the fact that my editorial is called “Retro Monday“, I like old games. So the story about Atari putting thousands of unsold 2600 cartridges of  “E.T. The Extra Terrestrial” in a New Mexico landfill.

In a past post, I talked about the plans to have an excavation in the now disused landfill where the cartridges are meant to have been buried had been approved by the appropriate local authority’s and was going ahead. The dig was also being film for a documentary.

Now the story can now move from the ‘urban legend’ section and into sold truth.  Today, via the Twitter of Major Nelson, (AKA Larry Hryb, AKA Microsoft, one of the backers of the documentary so a sponsor of the dig,) showed the long lost cartridges. Some are in fairly sold condition too.

The ‘E.T.’ is often seen as the worst game of all time and is often attributed to the 1983 video game market crash. Most of the cartridges where returned and ended up in the hole. The game is now a collectable because of whole shityness so the landfill may be holding a fair amount of money. So, I predict there may be a few of the cartridges appearing as auction pieces in a time not long from now. It makes send. Film makers want to make money, right?

Either way, this should bring the history of one of the most remembered games in history to a close. Although, I have to say that I would never of expected to see “E.T. Found In Landfill” as a actual headline used by actual journalists.


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