Update on Stuff [19th 3/2014]

Hello internet.

I think I would be time to update al the people who read this stuff on the current going ons here with me.


The ‘Editing PC‘ is still broken excreta excreta, still no ability to record, edit excreta excreta. If you don’t know, me and the Dad found out what the problem was and it was the OCZ Solid State Drive that went. It’s either wait for a replacement (under warranty mind) or buy a new one. As the later is free and the former £400 we’ve gone for the free option.


I have pretty much left script-writing. I will write a script every now and then and may hand it round but otherwise I’ve moved off script-writing. Part I’ll never make them myself, part I won’t direct them and the rest being I’m not that great. But, I have moved on to story writing. Some of you may have seen some of the stuff I have been putting on to my FanFiction.net account (WilMorris).  I haven’t updated it in a while but that is because I am properly writing something. That is;

The ImPure“:

It is going to be my monthly short story that I will be selling via/on Amazon e-Book self publishing. I like to describe it as a comic with no pictures. It started as a comic idea but I decided to just write it as shorts as release them myself. Sort of like the ye olden times where people like Dickens and Conan-Doyle would write their stories and print them in the newspapers of the time. But if someone wants to come forward and draw the comic then I’ll do that. Contact me by the usual channels.

So that’s the update. I would do a schedule but with the sporadic writing patterns and no videos there isn’t much point.  The only thing is “Retro Monday” on Torch Guide on Mondays.



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