Update! [18th Jan 2014]

Hello Internet,

So what has happened to me.

Firstly, about the lack of “Gaming News” yesterday. Well the editing PC blue-screened around early in the week and it still isn’t fixed. That means no recording or editing of any kind. The PC I’m on now has no editing program and can’t record video. Audio it can record but there is more background interference and I don’t want my videos to have a noticeable ‘hiss’ in the background. It’s distracting and annoying.

On why I never wrote up and news thing. It was because my office space, AKA the section of my bedroom where I work, moved. It went from this;

Old "Office Space" [2014]

To this;

 New "Office Space" [2014]

So I can work for longer without breaking my bed or getting a crick in my back/neck/other joints by being in an actual chair. And you may see 2 different TV’s as well. That is because the old TV doesn’t recognize the PVR box I got for Christmas. So got a new one. So I can now record the consoles and maybe stream. Stream PC games is harder because I have to usurp the house PC and that’s not nice and I just can’t do.

So no videos for the time being but their may be streaming. So the good with the bad.

And writing as normal. Here’s a hint to the next “Retro Monday”.



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