Recent Events With Me And YouTube

With my work for the Torch wrapped up for the year I have found myself having much more free time. So what have I been doing I hear you ask disinterestedly. Well;

I have updated my RedBubble store. A few more images have gone up so take a look at those.

I have decided that will be my provider of t-shirts and other general merch’ so check that out. It won’t just be merch’. It will be proper designs for t-shirts and stuff.

I have taken another break from YouTube, mainly because only bad things where happening, and I must of chosen a good time. The “Copyright” flagger has been tweaked so to screw most people over. Especially by game publishers. A reason why I took the break was because I’m getting a recorder over Christmas so I can record to a higher quality and record more. But because of the changes in the flagger, some of the plans are not just tweaked but abandoned. Thanks YouTube, you money-grubbing shit! Oh, and some publishers. Your also money-grubbing shits.  So plans for more content in January on the channel. On the cards are; PlayStation 2/1 games, [maybe PS3. Depending on the flagger.] Minecraft [obviously] and maybe some other PC games. In more news, I can officially say that plans for a second channel on behalf of the guys at Torch Guide are in the works. Not finalized, but I want it to happen so maybe.

And to fill in all the other time, I have watched stuff on the internet. Well YouTube. Really is a love hate relationship. I watch stuff on there all the time but that are bastards. In between the usual GameGrumps/Chilled/Nanners/Diction/Gassy/Others by association I usually watch, I have been watching American television. Totally legal I say with a fake lawyer present! Here in the UK I don’t get much American television. well… I do but it’s all crap. I would watch The Daily Show religiously but since Comedy Central Extra got rid of the repeat at 6:30/7ish the day after I have seen it a total of 0 times. On that, why did you cut M.A.S.H. too! It was me and my dad watching M.A.S.H. then the Daily Show over dinner every day. Its was bonding/talking time. Plus I can’t get control of the TV at 11:30ish at night! Dad’s watching his ITV4 movie re-run or war program.

Anyway, I have watched a lot of  Bill Maher and Craig Ferguson. Well, stuff by Maher (films, docs, stand up, and bits of Real Time) and The Late Late Show. First, both please get UK syndication! Maher will land on his feet I would think (we’re less religious here but more traditional so liberal-ish) and Craig was a Scot. Was being the operative term. He is now a proud American having passed his test. And good for him. Id leave too.

If they have some syndication here please mention it because it try to catch like I try to watch Jon.  If not, then put them on YouTube and I’ll watch them there.


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