Space Singing

MSN UK s my home page. Partly because dad prefers it that way and the My Virgin homepage is crap.

Anyway, I saw this news story, “Lady GaGa to Perform In Space!”

It goes on to say that she will perform a song on a Virgin Galactic flight in 2015 for a music festival and to advertise her new album.

But that’s mostly wrong. Here’s the firsts;

First Person to Sing in Space: The immortal bars of Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong singing “I walked on the moon one day…” takes that cake. And I’m sure Yuri Gagarin had something so say about that too. I’m sure he would have sung a few bars of the Soviet national anthem on his trip in orbit.

First Person to Record a Song in Space: That prize goes to Cmdr’ Chris Hadfield with his rendition of “Space Oddity“. Bowie, who first sung the song way back when, said that it was the most poignant version of the song ever. Here’s the music video, recorded on the International Space Station. (So that’s “First Recorded Music Video in Space” too. And ‘First Instrument Played in Space‘ too although that’s his guitar rather them him.)

Duet with Someone in Space and Someone on Earth: Again that’s Chris Hadfield with the help of the Barenaked Ladies. It may also be the ‘first music video from space’ but I think that Chris’ “Space Oddity” video debatably takes that cake. Anyway, the song “I.S.S. (Is Somebody Singing)” was recorded by CBC Music with the Ladies and a chorus group in Canada, on Earth obviously, and Chris on the I.S.S.

“The song, “I.S.S. (Is Somebody Singing) was commissioned by and The Coalition for Music Education with the Canadian Space Agency to celebrate music education in schools across Canada.” (YouTube, CBC Music)

So is Lady Gaga the first person to sing in space? HELL NO! Not even close! If anything she would only take the title “First Person To Sing A Live Performance From Space” because everything else was already done. And that’s if it’s live. If it’s not live, she is the first nothing.

Plus it’s a safe bet that this all just advertising for her new album “ARTPOP” and all my complaining is just adding to the talk about her and the album giving her more publicity. On that, ignore all of what I just said.


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