PlayStation Adverts Abound!

The time when you can get your mitts on the PlayStation 4 is only a few weeks away. But lets delve, and by delve I mean search in YouTube, into the past and remember the adverts that came before for the PlayStation 1, 2, and 3. Yeah, Sony just went with numbers for new consoles. Their not that creative.


This one hits the gamer stereotype harder than someone not using a parachute. Although it starts makes the line that ended up in the film “xXx”. (“Start thinking PlayStation!”) We love you Vin.

PlayStation 2:

The starting of when the Sony ad’s team started to go very arty. It’s not that bad art wise but that was a sign for what ad was coming next.

PlayStation 3:

I’m pretty arty-farty and I have no freaking idea what the hell is going on! Advertising a new console with the spawn of Chucky was never a good idea. It just freaked the hell out of people.

Getting away from the arty stuff, Sony did a string of “Dear PlayStation” ad’s that where just for fun then anything else. And to advertise the other stuff like individual games and the Blu-Ray movie Player. Least people knew what they where advertising.

This is the point when Sony realised that the gaming community made the console. So this was the start of Sony thanking the gaming community that help make them. This would come back when than advertised the soon to be announced PlayStation 4.

PlayStation 4:

Sony saw that people wanted to see games on the new console, especially since Microsoft got a lot of flack because it was concentrating on the Kinect 2.0 when the Xbox One was first announced. Sony did a lot to rub salt in the wound, mostly with adverts like this and with their pre-owned policy skit.

The Machinima live action films where doing well so Sony thought they would make it own for an ad. Well, when I say film I mean a reference to 2 games and a Napoleonic fight in “Killzone Shadowfall”. Least it had good production quality.

This advert I love. It show a commitment to the fans that have stuck with them for 3 generations. Maybe soon 4 generations. I probably love the ad because I’m one of them. (Except for the 4th generation thing. I’m waiting a year.) But still, thank you Sony for recognising the fans that have stuck with you for nearly 2 decades.


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