So, This Week…

As I’m going to Germany on Friday, (Oh yeah, Torch, I’m going to Germany on Friday for a week,) then Paris in September, (Oh yeah, Torch, I’m going to Paris in September) I’ve pulled out all the stuff I need to survive a flight (Germany) and a train journey (Paris). While rummaging for the DS (Just DS, not XL or 3) I found my old PSP, (No, not Vita, just PSP). I got it off an ex many a year ago and haven’t really played it much recently. Having a session of “Jak & Daxter: The Lost Frontier” made me realize why I haven’t.

1) My hands hurt if I play it for a long time. (I don’t get craps on my DS because I am a freak so it is an issue for me.)


Of the two, it is pretty obvious which one annoys me more. By the way,


Ok, I’m done screaming.

The biggest flaw of the PSP was that it only had one analogue stick, and the one it had was crap. Properly because of age, the analogue stick on mine sticks sometimes making whoever I’m controlling creep slowing to the side. Or when I go into a menu it flickers about. Although it doesn’t happen much or at all in “Jak & Daxter” but happens all the time in “Killzone Liberation“. Which it odd to say the least.

As it only had the one right stick, it meant that the left stick, the one that usually controlled the camera wasn’t there. I would have preferred if they kept the left one and lost the right one. Least I could use the directional pad and have control of the wild, unfettered camera.

Otherwise the PSP was ok. The graphics were good for a mobile device. The sound output was good. The games where close to its console brother, the PS3, in quality. Even using it to go online was decent for a mobile device. It was generally good.

Just without the left stick, playing on it is horrible!

I as glad that they put the left stick on the Vita so playing games on a PSP was now good. But they made it to expensive and no one could afford it. I still want one now but could never afford it. And with a new console generation, it’s the PS4 or the Vita. If either.


PS: If you follow my Twitter, and you should, you may now that the Escapist Magazine Podcast like my pictures I did, they put the on their Facebook. Check them out here.


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