I Saw A Show About Diets

I saw a show, “The Men Who Made Us Thin” (BBC, 2013) and it was a documentary about diets and dieting, the industry, its failures and its success’. And as a gamer I want to weigh in on the subject, so to speak.

When you think of gamer’s you think of the glasses wearing, over-weight people (mostly 20’s – 40’s white men but that’s a different topic). While there are people like that, that’s not everyone is like that. Look at this guy. The one on the right is SeaNanners (AKA Adam Montoya) a famous gaming You Tuber and he looks great. And then there’s his long time partners, Hutch and Sark (AKA Shaun Hutchinson and IDon’tKnowHisRealName. L-R Hutch, SeaNanners and Sark.) Hutch is a skinny sod and Sark looks like he can decapitate a brick wall.

So firstly, the stereotype is wrong, mostly, so don’t think that. That cleared up? good.

Now this may get preachy but that’s not the intention. Diets are stupid. There, I said it. Well, even the program says that. Anyway, me being the poor guy that grew up watching all this crap spread to a new generation before they even hit an age that required using 2 numbers, is scary. Seeing little kids being scared about their weight is good but scary. It’s good because they understand the health implications of what they eat (at least I like to think that, it makes me feel better) but it’s also scary because they shouldn’t be that scared about it. Little kids use “your fat” as an insult but the response that people should say is “yeah, so? It means when I kick you in balls it hurts more.” Then doing so. No, I am not condoning violence. On bully’s it is called justice. And it’s gratifying.

As a gamer, and as someone who spends most of their time in front of a PC monitor, I have learned to eat by one rule. “Eat as much as you burn“. Put the lighter down, I don’t mean burn the food then eat it. I mean eat as much food you burn off. Sometimes I spend most of my time on the PC, writing and whatnot so I don’t eat that much. I’m not doing anything or moving much so I don’t need that much. Then there’s the times when I’m out taking photographs and walking for hours. So I take a trip to Burger King on my way home or have a big meal when I get home.

But overall, I don’t really care about my weight. Yeah I’m always concerned about it. I don’t like wearing shorts or going swimming because I have to bear my unkempt self to the public. I just try to not put on weight because I’m heavy enough as it is.

Although, being concerned about your weight is pointless in the scheme of things because it has little to do with your overall health. Over-weighted body-builders/weightlifters are healthy and so are under-weighted marathon runners.


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