X-COM: Hungover Edition

If you’re a regular here, firstly thanks for sticking with me, and secondly you may have noticed that I’m and having a thing at the moment with “The Bureau“, the soon to be released “X-COM: Enemy Unknown” prequel. 2K, in the sense of fun, have made a short browser edition featuring the totally un-related Bill Carter called “Hungover Edition“.

In it you guide a hungover Bill into, across and out of the office after an all night binge of “X-COM, semi-legal energy drinks and own-brand liquor“. It plays like X-COM and is pretty funny. Seeing Bill ninja his way across the office look like the way I’d act in an office. Even if I worked there.

Anyway, it’s a quick game and it pretty funny and you get wallpapers as a reward. If your interested, you can play it here.


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