One Launch Games Cheeper The 360?

I saw this tweet from Total Biscuit [AKA Cynical Brit or Total Halibut depending where you know him from];

He was the one where I learned about reasons for the Xbox One US/UK lack of price difference so I assume his maths is right. [He’s usually right about this sort of thing too.]. This doesn’t affect the Yank’s reading this so you can glaze-over or move on if you like.

We don’t really have many game wholesalers in the UK. Most are multi-platform sellers. [When I say multi-platform I mean DVD/CD/Games rather the game platforms]. One of the biggest game wholesaler is GAME and that doesn’t have a nice reputation so it will be interesting how they price the games. This could be interesting for this generation of consoles. The X-Box/Microsoft is really trying to make us like the console after the PR disaster that was E3. Is this another step for people to like the Xbox One?


While I’m taking about Total Biscuit, there must be a British game commentators thing about wearing hats, more specifically fedoras. Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw wears one. I wear one. He wears a top hat… or was it beards… all three of us has/had beard-y things. Though I only have one because I don’t shave often enough. Where was I going with this? Video game pricing? Sorry. I’m to busy thinking about my manly un-shaven face now.


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