Agent Cole’s Decision

But there is also a prequel coming out this year that tells the story of how the eponymous organisation came to be.

The Bureau: X-COM Declassified” puts you into the shoes of special agent William Carter, an agent of The Bureau. It is a 3rd person squad-based shooter. You, as William, and your 2 squad-mates fight an alien threat in North America.

It is a prequel to the “Enemy Unknown” set in 1962, charting the creation of X-COM. It holds some of the mechanics “Enemy Unknown” had like character permadeath. So when one of your squad-mates dies, they stay dead and you have to retrain another man to take their place.

The design and the setting play to one another, making a juxtaposition of the stylised late 50’s/early 60’s time point against the higher technology that makes up the weapons and the alien technology. That means that the game looks good, really good. Although I have to say that this type of alien looks like Cryptosporidium from “Destroy All Humans“. [Though he looks like “Paul” as well…]

For advertising “The Bureau”, 2K put up a video on their YouTube channel of Agent Cole [played by Dominic Monaghan], a man working for the bureau, writing a file about the first Pima Incident, where his wife and son died. At the end it gave people the choice to vote #GrabTheBottle or #GrabTheGun. Here is the video;

The internet voted and by only a 1% margin, #GrabTheBottle won. [51% Bottle – 49% Gun] So Agent Cole’s decision was made;

It may of only been an ad campaign but I am interested in what 2K can make with the story of Agent Cole.

I’m not a squad-shooter player type person, [I’d rather just shoot it then command], but I can’t wait to see how this game turns out. To round off, here is the latest trailer.


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