Comic-Con 2013

Hello Internet!

Comic-Con 2013 starts on Thursday. It’s the time of year when geeks and nerds of all persuasions meet and join together and joyous nerd-gasam. Will I be covering it? No. Not the MCM Comic-Con London [in October] either. Yes it’s down the road [well about an hour or so on buses/trains. Yeah, it takes that long just to get into London from west London] but [as of writing] I can’t afford to get in. If you saw on my Twitter, I was going to take pictures of the cos-players and other people outside the Exel but I can’t. I’d be ‘quietly’ asked to leave for reasons. Seems like the whole of the Exel and the area surrounding is getting shut-down for the event. Last time I went I could mill-about outside the centre for as long as I want. Now I can’t. So nerks to that then. Anyway,

If your going to San Diego [Frankly if you where going there you’d be there already];

Have fun,

Respect each other,

And for the love of god prepare for the heat! Or it might rain, 10% chance it says here.

Anyway, have fun a Comic Con.



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