Well What Does This Mean…

Over the last few hours of today a story has been breaking. No, not Egypt or that Rupert is a bit of a prat, or worse

No its the story that Sony has been slowing unveiling pictures for… something. Well it’s for the PlayStation we know that. But the 3 or 4, or both.

The first picture was this:

Then it became this:

Considering that Insomniac Games is connected to it, it smells of a new “Ratchet & Clank.” And considering there is a “Ratchet & Clank” feature film in the works, it wouldn’t be a bad guess. But they are making “Sunset Overdrive“, a multiplayer, online shooter exclusive for the Xbox One, and I can’t help but wonder if there involved at all. It would be a first, that I’ve heard of at least, for a company to be making two exclusive games for Xbox and PlayStation at the same time.

For those say that it is a “Ratchet & Clank“/”Jak & Daxter“/”Sly Cooper” cross-over, a) Remember this? and b) Until Naughty Dog/Sucker Punch say there involved, we can rule that out. And considering the Dog’s only just finished “The Last Of Us” and Punch is doing “Infamous: Second Son” for the PS4, the chances are small.

So I’m heading for a new “Ratchet & Clank” game as a film tie-in. Even though the film is based on the first “Ratchet & Clank” game from the PS2…

If there are updates, I will update!

EDENDUM! [A Little Later…]

While this is an added comment I should fly the SPOILERS flag right about now, although what I will say is more back-story then anything. Anyway,


I the PS3 trilogy of “Ratchet & Clank“, it is nailed home that Ratchet is the last of the Lombax’s [His race/species]. This is because all the Lombax’s fled to another dimension to not be murdered by Emperor Tachyon [the bad guy from “Tools Of Destruction“. In the fleeing, Ratchets parents were killed but most of the Lombax’s escaped. The last game [“Crack In Time“] ended with Clank re-joining Ratchet [long story] on a quest to find his people!

Considering that the poster says, “when two worlds collide“, I think it could be hinting at the return of the Lombax’s.



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