Well What Does That Mean… Update!

Post, the first!

Well that’s sorted it hasn’t it.

Another step toward me being right. Now to just not be smug…

Anyway, this is interesting in more than just a new “Ratchet & Clank” [Rise of the Lombax] game. Insomniac Games are making a bold step in making two exclusive games for both the Xbox and PlayStation at the same time. This could open the door for more companies being brave enough to make the same move.

UPDATE! [A While later…]

[Don’t look smug, don’t look smug…] [But what if it is Heroes 2/cross-over…?]

Naaa!  Insomniac has been layering on the “R&C” history way to much on twitter to be a coincidence.

UPDATE! [Later after a while later…]

I guess wee will find out tomorrow.



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