Grand Theft Auto V Gameplay Video Released

Well those guys at Rockstar Games have released a new video showing off the soon to be released GTA V. For those who haven’t seen it, here is the video:

It starts off by saying that Rockstar want to “re-imagine the open world game” with GTA V. It shows off the 3 lead characters and goes into how you can move between them on the fly, in and out of missions, so you can have a different viewpoint in a shootout or just so see what the other guys have been up too.

On top of all of that, you can play tennis, customise cars, do bike races and other mini-games. If mini-games aren’t your thing, you can dive, fly, drive and do whatever you want in the game world.

The video ends with a hint to online play that add another level to the GTA V pie.

This new GTA is bigger and bigger the more I see of it and is looking like it should be an instant buy. The satire filled, South California inspired world is simply massive and there is lots of stuff to do in it to keep players occupied for hours. I’ve always been a fan of GTA as a series and this seem like a new peak.

Grand Theft Auto V” will be out on September 17th ok Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3


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