DmC Primer and Review

I played the demo of this round about the time the game came out [January/February time] and I said to my self ‘This is a game made for me.” By god I was right. Those unfamiliar with the franchise, here is a quick lesson.

DMC Primer:

The first “Devil May Cry” was a hack-and-slash game that came out for the PS2 in August 2001. It introduced a Earth-world where demons kill, maim and do demon-y things. You play as Dante, a demon killer who runs a demon killing business that only includes him called ‘Devil May Cry’ [I see what you did there] who is tasked by Trish, a lookalike of you dead mother [Mmm… Freudian] to go to an island to kill Mundus, the emperor of the demons that killed your mother and brother. What follows is slashing through many enemies, bosses, more enemies, a betrayal, a twist that pays off 2 games from now, a reconciliation and killing Mundus.

“Devil May Cry 2” [PS2 – January 2003] not many people liked. I thought it was alright. It wasn’t that bad. It see’s Dante fighting more demons and saving damsel’s in distress, killing the bad guy, and getting locked in the demon realm. The chronology of the games were messed up but it was clear that this was the last one. [An un-finished manga and an anime series fit in as well as the 4 games making the chronology more complicated.]

The first chronologically but third in the series called “Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening” [PS2 – February 2005] showed the ‘origins’ of Dante. Before he had his ‘Devil May Cry‘ demon killing business he just ate pizza and didn’t ware shirts. After he meets the bold, deep-voiced, I-am-the-bad-guy Arkham [no connection to the prison] and sees that his brother Virgil is trying to take over the world, he heads off to stop them. You may remember that I said ‘a twist that pays off 2 games from now‘ when I talked about DMC1. This is this game and the twist is Virgil. Well it was sort of a twist. In DMC1 you find out that its your brother. In DMC3 you meet your brother.

Devil May Cry 4” [PS3/360 – Jan/Feb 2008] tied up all the loose ends that the series had accumulated over the years. It was a good round-off of the series and finished off the plot of Virgil who, turns out, is in all the games but only appears in 2.  Overall the series was good. I hits the platinum series for the PS2 and is one of the most known PlayStation series’.

Now to review “DmC: Devil May Cry“. And by the way, it’s a re-boot. So you don’t need to know any of what I just said. None of it. At all. None. So on to the review.

DmC: Devil May Cry Review [2013 – Ninja Theory]

This new DMC was made under the mire of many fans of the original series. Firstly, Dante has had a makeover. The white-haired, red-coated Dante is out with a punk-rock stylised, black-haired Dante replacing him. Personally, the look of him has changed but the badass-ness that made him such a well liked character is still there. That isn’t the only thing that has had a make over. The setting has changed to a more contemporary setting. Rather then being a world where demons and humans live together, there are two dimensions. The human dimension and Limbo, the dimension where the demons hide and secretary control the human dimension. The way the demons control the human world through Limbo is what ever happens in Limbo happens in the human world too. Although this idea seems to be turned on and off at a whim, or more likely, at the whim of platforming sections. But the idea is still an interesting one.

The man bad guy hasn’t changed. It is Mundus, the bad guy from DMC1. But he, as all the other bad guys, have also had a contemporary make over. As we Brits are rather pissed at authority figures right now, the main bad guys are figures of authority. Mundus is the head of Banking company [we pissed at the financial people for the banking crisis/tax rises], another bad guy is a news presenter/media mogul [Pissed of at media people for phone hacking/bias] and a mid-control and un-healthy poisoned drink conglomerate [taxes? It’s bad for you? Although the mind control poison drink is properly a dig at [name redacted]]. They even go further than that but keep is very British. When I said media mogul bad guy you must have thought I was talking about Fox News/News International/Murdock because that is the company/company/man connected with the media scandal. Yes it seems it’s based on that/that/him in a way because the news broadcasts that propagates that Dante is evil is very Americanized and Fox News-ish and Bob Barbas [Bad Guy] is a parody of Bill O’Reilly. But when you see the tower that he is hiding in, I couldn’t help but think ‘that looks a lot like BT Tower‘.

This anti-authority sensibility is weaved through the whole game. Dante’s main weapon is still his sword, Rebellion [I see what you did there], and Virgil heads a groups called ‘The Order’ that is rebelling against Mundus in, [a least at the start,] an Anonymous way. Virgil donning a demon mask and voice changer and hacking into the computer systems of Mundus company. This certainly piles on the look-alike side but the mask is dropped early in the game but the hacking stays because some one has to hack in this modern-day setting.

The gameplay itself is more refined. I have to admit that I wasn’t vey good at the previous games. Yes I played, finished and enjoyed them buy I always found it hard to get decent score ratings. In this one, it is more easer to get good ratings and style points. Some might see that as bad or dumbing its down but it makes the game more accessible to new players. That’s especially needed here because it’s a re-boot. [Or it might just be that my version of DMC 3 was a normal-is-actually-hard-mode version.]

On replay value, there isn’t much. The only thing there is as replay value goes is re-doing levels for better ratings or finishing it on harder difficulties.

Frankly, I adore this game with so much love and I am sad to see that I didn’t do well. I want to see where this new interpretation goes and I hope that Ninja Theory can continue on the series.


The game is solid and the story and characters is something I adore about this game. But, if you’re not the sort of person who will replay levels over and over for a better score or for chops, I can see you playing it once and that’s it.

DmC: Devil May Cry – 4.5/5


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