Roswell Aniversary Celebrated with Point & Click Game on Google Doodle

66 years ago it was reported that an alien UFO [‘Unidentified Flying Object‘ for the uninitiated] crash landed in Roswell, New Mexico. Conspiracy theorists claim that the United States military captured an alien craft that crashed in the region outside Roswell in July 1947. Authorities insisted that they only recovered the debris from a top-secret surveillance balloon that crashed and that the alien bodies people saw was just dummies from the balloon.. The official story has been debated by many, satirised by a few and even had TV shows try to find out one way or the another if the UFO story is true or not. It is one of the big events that conspiracy theorists gravitate to.

Google, to commemorate the occasion, has made a short point and click game with their “Doodle” arm, where you take control of an alien who crashes in a Roswell-esqe landscape and need to repair their ship. It can be played from the Google homepage.


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