So I go on to my Twitter…

I just went on to my Twitter [you should follow my twitter for updates on my stuff] and saw that EDGE and Zynga where trending.

Firstly, EDGE Magazine ran with a front page saying that the PS4 was the console to get for the next generation and had an article of how the Xbox One has/will fail. Bold statement EDGE. You do know you’re a journalistic magazine and you have to a least try to say you are unbiased?

This has led to the internet lampooning the front page changing the PS4 with a dog, an iPhone, or an Apple TV. Their bias isn’t really surprising but they have to try to have some journalistic form. Bias is one thing but they have now pissed off a lot of people by declaring that everything else in inferior to the PS4. What about the Ouya, PC’s, mobile devices, phones, tablets, PC-in-a-box’s as well as the other consoles including the Wii, Wii U, PS3 and 360? It seems like EDGE just wants to sell more issues and this might just do it.

On new devices, Apple in japan has filed a patent for the “iWatch“. I guess that means there will soon be something else to people to que for days outside the Apple Store for. But there not the only ones. Sony, LG, Samsung and Google already have divisions set up for making the new

I also saw that Don Mattrick is leaving Microsoft to be the CEO of Zynga. The man how said the immortal words “this is the Xbox One” will now run Zynga. A company that is not necessary liked by many at this point. Will Don change that? Well the shares of Zynga went up so he may just.


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