E3 Primer

In not much time the streams will start. As I don’t live in the US I will be using E3 Insider or GameTrailers.com for my streams. Go and join me. I’m gonna’ be shouting/ranting/making snide remarks on my twitter so join me there too. Anyway, a primer.

E3, Electronic Entertainment Exposition [yeah, I know what the long version of Expo is], is a yearly gathering of the gaming industry, if you hadn’t of guessed already. It’s the biggest event because the worlds press turns out and this year they’re trying out to catch a glimpse of new console. Well… one new console and what the hell the other does. Or what they both do… You see, Sony AKA PlayStation had a conference at the start of the year showing off the new console. But they only showed off the new controller, a few games and talked about social features. Microsoft AKA Xbox did the same only a few weeks ago and showed off the console/Kinect and controller, but very little else. So Today is that day when the world finds out what they hell is going on.

Nintendo AKA… Nintendo… already have their new console out and there is no new DS besides the usual expansion so they are having a laid back E3 with only small conferences talking about their new games.

EA, after being called ‘The Worst Company In America’ for a second year, are trying to boost their popularity be showing off what games they have lined up as well as what they intend to do instead of Online Passes. Activision will be talking about ‘Call of Duty’. And probably about ‘Diablo III for the next gen consoles. Square Enix will talk about a new ‘Final Fantasy’ because where is there not a new ‘Final Fantasy’. There are other big name games being showed at E3 but I’ll get to them when they are showed off.


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