Level 3 By Miracle Of Sound

Many a year ago, I wrote about music rather than game news other gaming stuff. What I wrote it for was for what would become the Torch Guide. [None of my music suff is on there so no need to look.] One of the bands I wrote about was Miracle Of Sound (AKA Gavin Dunne) and with the release of his new album I see no need to ignore the opportunity to write about him again.

People may recognise Gavin from the gaming site “The Escapist Magazine” where he puts his songs up (with help from the video editors from the Escapist make his music videos) and often gets involved in making music for the site. He often makes music that is about video games but does tread into the world of cinema and television. His new album “Level 3” has a songs about “Batman: Dark Knight Rises” “Game Of Thrones” and “Skyfall” so he really is more than game musician.

He makes all of his music by himself. That being all the instruments are played by him as well as the singing, mixing and writing. But he often gets help from others in the making of some of his songs. A good example is one of the stand out songs from album, “Dream Of The Sky“, with a total of 2 more people, both pulling double duty. Lorna Dollery does lead female vocals and Gwen Boyle playing the violin with both (with Gavin) doing the choir vocals. People who have heard his previous album, aptly named “Level 2” may recognise Lorna from his previous album because she performed female vocals in his songs “‘Back In Time” and “Shadows In The Moonlight“.

You may have noticed that I said ‘one of the stand out songs’ in that previous paragraph. That’s because the album is full of songs that will please a whole range of musical tastes. Fans of the serene and gentle will like the songs “The Best I Can“, with its emotional feel and piano lead, and the already named “Dream Of The Sky“, with its choir and acoustic guitar. If you prefer the more rock/metal side of things then “Motor Girl” and “Hell In The Headspace” will satiate you with the guitar rifts and bass. Even rap fans will have a place with the song “Blood Of The Creed” with its vocals and beat infusion.

Most gamers who listen to the album will recognize what games they are about. But there are few songs in the album where gamers can have a bit a giggle. Songs like “Wigglesticks”, a song directly about “Resident Evil 6“s’ terrible controls and reliance on ‘quick-time-events’, “Call Of Duty Circus“, a song about the playing tactics that make Call Of Duty infuriating, and finally “Doorfighter”, a song about “Medal Of Honor: Warfighter“, a door destruction simulator.

All in all, “Level 3” is yet another collection of songs that appeals to many musical tastes and is more than just songs for gamers. Gamers would get more of the in-jokes and references but if you don’t play games and don’t know the references you can close your eyes and lets the songs make their own stories. A resounding recommendation from me. Not just for the album, but for the whole catalogue.

You can buy the songs from Bandcamp.com and iTunes.

His Bandcamp page and website.

He has new songs on the Escapist.com every month.


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