“Warfame” [Beta] Will It Last Review

If you read my ‘initial play-through’ review of “Warframe you can tell that I have a lot of love for the game. The style is a good combination style with sci-fi ninjas and the gameplay if fluid and fun. The issues I had are still there. The mods are had to change with the lack of the ability to just take mods off.

But the game falls into the pitfall that most online games fall into. I’ve played the games for 3/4 week and I’ve started to hit the level cap, level 30. I can buy new equipment but only a limited amount. In the inventory there are only 2 slots for warframes, one taken by your starting warframe, and 8 slots for weapons, 3 taken by your starting weapons. Considering that I hat the level cap for my starting rifle first it  and will soon hit it with my warframe that’s not much room. And there are not many weapons to buy. Just for melee weapons there are only 4 you can buy with in-game money, one being the sword you started with, the others being duel sword you started with, a bo staff and gauntlets. There are 16 different melee weapons you can get but only 4 can be bought with in-game money. I can’t really hold that against the game because it’s a free-to-play game and they have to make money some how. You can sell weapons and warframes but your mods go with it so if you spent time on them you may think twice about getting rid of them. And I never seemed that I was disadvantaged from not buying things with real money. Yes people who did pay seemed more powerful than I was but I never felt that I was flagging behind the group or just standing around not doing anything. Except those times that I was put into a squad that all my other teammates where the rest of the team had bought full gear and I hadn’t…

The review that I gave before still stands and the score still does. It sits on the cusp of being a ‘game of the year’ game, but the gap between where it is and where it needs to be to be a ‘GOTY’ is properly a step to far. I think if it took that step it would properly be worse for it. Still doesn’t mean that I can’t fix the issues that I had with things like having the ability to just take off the mods. Even with all these issues, the game is still fun.

With your mods going with whatever you sell, the thing you might end up doing is hitting the level cap and keep playing because there are not enough inventory spaces. If your willing so spend a bit of money you won’t run into these problems but I you don’t want to, the level cap at 30 my advice is to choose a style of play as early as you can and sticking with it.

Warframe [Beta]

4.5/5 (Un-Changed)

Assured that it is great and that’s where it should stay.


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