A Reviewing Revelation

Hey people,

I have been pondering something about my reviews for a few days and I have decided that for online games/MMO’s/Multiplayer things I well review them twice. Mainly because online games are hard to review without playing them for a long period of time. I set myself about a week to play an online game for a review but sometimes that’s not enough time. Online games are meant to played many months, or years if your a Warcraft or EVE player, and my reviews many not clarify where the game can stagnate or I didn’t notice where it can. So 2 weeks after an online/mulitplayer/MMO review will do a ‘Will this actually last‘ review. I breaks most codes a reviewer has doing a game twice but for me it makes sure that a that a online/multi/MMO games get a deep looking over they deserve/need.

It’s more or less to make sure the they get a good look over rather then just playing it for a week and calling it a day. And because there are many ‘free-to-play‘ ones out there so it helps separate them out.

So that’s that and that’s the way I’m going to do things. Nerks to you if you don’t like it.



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