“For The Ragicans!” Map Added

Hello Internet People,

This is more of a message of intent rather than an update.

The update is that a map I made for a YouTube show is now online and you can download it. Link in the Minecraft section. And no you can’t see the show. Well you can, just as of writing my map didn’t make it in so don’t go looking for me there just yet.

With that, a new map is in the works at  the moment with many plans for more. Right now I’m working on a map called “City Scape” with plans to make a map of the YouTube Minecrafters. So Sky, Rage, Toby and people. Also have some plans to make maps in the style of Bioshock [1 & 3] so and underwater and a flying city.

And I am still writing for Torch. Although I am thinking about making the Sunday news into videos. Big maybe. See how it goes.

So busy busy with the Minecraft and maybe making videos soon here too. Same can be said about DDGM too.

See you later,



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