What’s Going On Here?

Hello Internet!
There are many plans for stuff to put up. First to say is there will be game reviews going up soon. Not necessarily of up-to-date games. They’re going to be games I have and want to talk about. [Until I can afford to get new games.] So that’s PS1/2/3 mostly with some PC, DS and maybe a PSP [the first one] game or two. [Damn the old PSP annoys the hell out of me so maybe not that.]
And I might do book reviews as well. I don’t read that much or that often but there might be one or two going up.
I am some stuff writing too. I’m writing a lot less than I used to. [Trained as a screenwriter but I would/do write short stories/novels more/instead.] Might get an early peek if I finish anything.
I am also making Minecraft Map. Yes I said I was doing that and nothing went up. Because I was going Torch stuff. But now I am making a map for RageGamingVideos/GenerationHollow to maybe going on there show. Nearly finished it and this is the first they know about it, if they read this… And that’s a ‘properly not’. I will do a few skins too and improve you getting them, when I get round to it.
And, of course, there is my Torch Guide weekly game news things and [hopefully soon] Dark Dog Gaming Media stuff too.
So, busy busy. And I’m not earning squat. BUY MY STUFF! Sorry.
That’s all for now, talk soon.


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