Review: Warframe [Open Beta]

Warframe, even in its beta stage, is a game built with me in mind. Pretty much all the game is stuff I like and that’s great. But the game still has a way to go.

The Review:

Digital Extremes may be more famous for making the “Unreal” series of games than anything else. But they did a game called “Dark Sector” that came out in 2008 for PS3 and 360, (2009 for PC.) It was meant to be a very sci-fi affair but much of it was cut. But in “Warframe” they live on. “Warframe” is an online 3rd person co-op shooter. Straight into my good books. You are Tenno, a robo-suited warrior that awakes from cryo-sleep to defend the system. That’s solar system. Yes, its set in this system of planets. You can go to moons and planets named after real moon and planets in this solar system. Most of them I think are named after real one anyway. It’s a good way to brush up on astrology. Work out what ones are real and what one aren’t. (If any…)

That game has a mix of styles. There is the sci-fi style and elements with spaceships and roots and things, but it is mixed with a ninja/samurai style. The music has the oriental warrior style drums when fights break out, there is stealth element, (which I have yet to see let alone do) and you starting weapon is a sci-fi samurai sword. Yes your given a machine gun and pistol too but the sword is just awesome. I want one!

You, and up to 3 others, do missions and fight against three opposing factions. The Grineer, (a militarised race) Corpus, (a computer race) and Infested ( a mutant race.) Each mission is one of 7 different objectives. Capture, (where you capture a person is a really creepy way,) Raid, (where you go in and steal stuff,) Rescue, (Break some one out of lock-up,) Sabotage, (break a ship) Defence, (defeat waves for prizes) and Extermination (kill everyone). The 7th mission type is Alert missions. They’re special because it could be more the one of the other 6 objectives and are only open for a limited time, but give better rewards.

The rewards you get are cards/modifiers. You put modifiers on to your suit/guns/sword to make them more powerful. The modifiers are things like higher ammo capacity, more damage etc. The modifiers can me upgraded by ‘fusing’ other cars to them. The limitation to the modifier is their cost. Modifiers take a certain amount of space and the space you have depends on the level. For example, a level 5 gun has 5 spaces. But this is where one of the issues comes up. Putting the modifiers on things is easy but taking them off isn’t. There currently isn’t a way to take modifiers off without replacing them. This can be annoying after a while. Say you want to take all the modifiers off and replace them with a single big modifier, you can’t. And considering you can’t upgrade a modifier while they are on an item you have to do juggling act to take one off, upgrade it, and put it back.

The only other gripe with it is the learning curve. I teaches you how to move, shoot, etc, but doesn’t say anything else. I significant part of the mission is a hacking mini-game that is easy but needs a warning that is there. There is also wall/free running maneuvers that the game expects you to know. If you don’t know how to do it, you can’t continue the mission and have to abort. Me and the squad I started with did a mission and that introduced us to the mechanic and we had to quit because we all got stuck and didn’t know how to continue. An advanced tutorial after the main one, or just making it part of the main one can easily solve this.

The game is free-to-play which is good. There are micro-transactions to get things quicker or just get other fancy stuff but you don’t need to if you don’t need to. There not constantly asking for money either so you can play without seeing them. Either way, you can be fine with the standard weapons and the in-game currency lets you buy new weapons when you want to.


For a beta stage game, its great. Needs only a few tweaks to make it great. Is a game I will follow and see if it gets to “Game Of Year” standard.  Now if you don’t mind, I going to play more of it.

Warframe [Open Beta] – 4.5/5



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