PC Gaming Master What?

It’s time I got back to writing on here, so here.

I’ve read a lot about PC gaming recently. And I’ve followed ‘Rage Gaming Videos‘ and ‘Generation Hollow‘ on the YouTube recently, both avid PC gamers. And ‘Hollow’ said the phrase that erks me in one of his vlog style ‘Tea & Questions’ videos.

Gaming Master Race.

I’ve always been annoyed at PC gamers saying that. And console guys, that goes for you too. My main tweak is that gaming should just be called gaming no matter what you play it on or how you play it. Considering there are so many types of gamers these days [hardcore, casual and otherwise] on many types of devices [phone, PC, consoles and otherwise].

A personal example is that I started paying games on the PS1 and the PC. Some games like FPS’ I always played on the PS1, and games like RTS’ I always played on PC. I have since tried playing those style of games on the opposing platform and it’s hard for me to make the switch.

One reason why I never wholly stuck with one or the other is because of limitations. Consoles are limited by their specifications and PC by cost and my lack of knowledge of the hardware. I’ve had the same PC for just about 2 console generations and the house PC ‘was’ fighting to be the oldest technology in the house. ‘Was’ because we got, [well, built with the help of Dr Cousin James,] a new house PC over Christmas. But that now means that there are more PC’s in the house then consoles. I have had all the last generations from Windows and Sony, PS1/2/3 and Windows 98/2000/XP/7. [No Vista ‘cos its that terrible.]

It’s that last statement that I have a problem with. I have played games on 7 things, but only 2 platforms, just at my house. And I’m fighting my hardware on this PC to keep that going without a major refit or replacement. If I added all the consoles/PCs I’ve played games on just in the last 10 years, it would be well in double digits. I can understand buying new devises, chips and operating systems to upgrade but after a while it just gets silly.

With the new 8th generation of consoles baring down on us it’s time to have a look at where it could take us. The WiiU it out doing its own thing, and with the new Xbox expected to be the “It’s On!” not-so-subtle announcement countdown to E3 it may be time to move on and move away from the gaming war parapets and join together as gamers of gaming media. We all end up spending far too much just on the hardware to play games, console and PC gamers, so just stop bickering. Although the chances that people will do that is slim but what the hell. I can still hope.

There is no gaming master race, just games and those who play them.


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