Adding Some Things

Hello people who read this. I’ve started putting some more this up on the site.

Firstly, I’ve started writing a series of short stories based on the world of “”. It’s basically fan fiction so goes the legal stuff. So take a look at that at the page button or just click here.

Nextly, those in the UK who is tired of hearing about the olympics you may want skip this bit. the torch went through my area so I have some photographs. There will be up on the flicker pages as soon as.

Ok, you can look now.

Lastly, Congrats to all the fellow classmate of the class of 2012 Roehampton Uni who have graduated today! I will graduate soon, promise. Not going to piss away any more than the 9.5k I’ve already spent for the most expensive piece of paper ever!

Thats that for now.

One more things, I’m doing some stuff on a game called “Minecraft”. Not working for them, are you mad? I can barely keep my PC working. Just building stuff. I might, that is might, put some stuff up like images. Purely to show off. No other reason really. Have to justify spending days on their don’t I? 

Ok, now I’m done,



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