All Change Please!

Hello people who may be reading this!

There are things to go from the blog but there is also somethings that are being added.

To go is the Clan: VOL7 pages. But no fear, it’s getting its own blog! So you will be able to hear from Jonn, Mike, Mark and me about all things game and some other clan stuff. There still will be game stuff here but the clan blog will be mostly all game related.

Things getting added is my Flicker. I am some-what of a photographer and as this blog is my dedicated site now it makes sence to add them. I have loads of photographs to put on to the Flicker so it make take a little time. To wet you chops here is a set that’s up at the moment;

It’s a set of images taken using the ‘Playstation Home’ camera. Yes, I do have a real camera, [Cannon EOS 450D if your interested,] and real life photographs will ge up eventually.

By the way, if you like what you see, share. I run my life on my hit counter.


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