I Don’t Like COD

For a first proper post I’m going to go out on a limb and be rather controversial. I don’t like “Call Of Duty“. As a gamer talking to other gamer’s, some take it as sacrilege. But I don’t mean it like that. Let me explain.

The recent trend of ‘realistic shooters’ been a bit of a personal gripe for a while. I got “Battlefield 3” last Christmas. Yes I know it’s not “COD” but both series’ can just get merged together into a giant ‘Cold War-Nucler-Shoot Russians’ category. Anyway, over the years they’ve taken so much from each other they are pretty much interchangeable. Just that is bad but that’s not my gripe. Its how that games are played.

The story mode/single player mode for these games is just terrible. It always feels like it is tacked on to the finely polished and very good multiplayer. Being able to play through the story mode in just over a day is not bad but really average. It’s that fact that you play 12-18 hours of a crap story is the nail in the coffin. I may be trained in film but I can’t be the only one that is able to predict at least half of the plot from the off.

To make my ending point I’m going to bring in an example. Jonn, one of the clan, has most/all of the “COD” games since “COD: Modern Warfare“. He is yet to finish or even play the single player mode in all of them.

I just want Infinity Ward to just sell it the way people play it. As a multiplayer game. They have that down and polished to a diamond, mirror shine. Forget the single player and don’t bother the gamers who play single player. It would make your life easer in advertising. And considering you hold the record for most online player in most gaming categories you don’t need to do much advertising. And as on the XBox it is sold as two disks, [one for single, one for multiplayer] it would be cheaper for us to buy the damn thing!

Go ahead “COD: Black Ops 2“, prove me wrong!


2 responses to “I Don’t Like COD

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